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Ace Your Public Speaking

  • Learn from International Speakers

  • Understand policy & Procedures of premium events like TEDx & Josh

  • Cover themes, technique & Personality fit for Public Speaking

Program Overview

Personalized Training

We provide active classes with our international instructor who is
dedicated to you. You will receive super refined information that is
tested & proven in public speaking. Professional hygiene will be well
taken care of as we remove logical errors in business communication
and make sure there is no mistake done by you in the process of
pitching yourself to premium events.

Progress Tracking

Our award-winning instructors will help you develop your proof of work
with respect to your professional public speaking goals. In that process,
you will have ample time to develop and grow as a public speaker. All of
your work will be documented and feedback will be given for further
improvement of your professional talks.

Profile Refinement

Our dedicated team of organizers, TEDx speakers and psychologist sit
with you to discuss all the elements in your profile. We want you to
project your best self for these events. Our system and criteria
benchmarking helps you avoid any professional pitfalls that you might
feel in your profile.

Program Time Line : 3 Months

We will give you access to previous TEDx speakers and organizers for 3
months. Our feedback and iteration will be 3. Total number of Live
Masterclasses will be 7, 1 on each Sunday. Practice session will be 1.
Notably, through the process you will develop your proof of work,
personal profile and business communication.

Program Cost : INR 8000

Covering pitching, professional development, proof of work and live
classes, our cost of the program is 8000 INR for 3 Months. A flat 500
INR discount is available if you choose to pay all at first payment. No
EMIs are provided. Only scholarship of 500 INR.

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